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Music Licensing (Performance Rights Organization):

RH Entertainment Studio will provide the services that include: Audio production, Recording, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering. In the event that composition needs to be further developed, Artist agrees to award studio 50% of writing royalties, should be required to amend or further develop composition. Mixing & Mastering is a complementary service, unless these services are requested independent of full production, for what ever reason. (Fees charged to Artist pertain to production, arrangement, and studio time only!!)

Responsibilities of RH Entertainment Studio:

⦁ Studio will provide equipment in good working order; at Artist's request, provide studio personnel to assist as required during Artist's session; maintain a safe, clean, and comfortable facilities during session.

Responsibilities of Artist:

⦁ Artist will pay for any damage(s) caused by Artist's personnel or guests, other than normal wear and tear, to the equipment, studio facilities, common areas, building or grounds.  Artist is responsible for hiring additional session musicians for their projects, as stated in 1.ii, should musicians provided by studio not meet Artist's requirement.

Acceptance of Media:

Receipt and acceptance of the recording media by Artist after completion of the Services, shall be deemed acknowledgement between both parties that the quality of the Services is satisfactory to Artist's and shall release RH Entertainment Studio from any and all liability and claims regarding such Services.

Ownership of Masters:

RH Entertainment will be the sole owner and will have perpetual use and control of all master and CDs, tapes, and other audio recordings produced under this Agreement. RH Entertainment will be free to dispose of and treat in any way all masters and CDs, tapes, and other audio recording produced under this Agreement, including but not limited to selling, advertising, distributing, permitting their use in other mediums, and including them in masters contraining the work of other artists.


Meals/Catering and Backline Equipment – Lights/Sound per rider request for the Artist. Also, Purchaser/Talent Buyer will be responsible to provide Local Lights/Sound (Production Light/Sound related to the venue of the performance.) Purchaser/Talent Buyer agrees to provide and pay for High Quality Sound and Lights to meet with the Artist’s specifications and approval.

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